Faculty of Engineering

Staff Mentors

Whitney BarrettWhitney Barrett

Graduate Officer, Graduate and Research Office
Whitney has worked in Western Engineering since January 2012. She works with the Associate Dean (Graduate and Postdoctoral Studies) and departmental teams to ensure we offer our graduate students the best student experience.

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Mike GaylardMike Gaylard 

Associate Director (Facilities), Office of the Dean
Mike has worked in the Faculty of Engineering at Western University since 1998. Mike works with faculty, staff and students to solve problems within Western Engineering. 

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photo placeholderClaire Naudi

Coordinator, Undergraduate and Graduate Professional Programs, Mechanical & Materials Engineering
Claire has worked in Western Engineering since January 2012. She works with the Associate Chair (Undergraduate) in the department of Mechanical and Materials Engineering.

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Eugen PorterEugen Porter

Technical Specialist, Electrical and Computer Engineering
Eugen has worked in Western Engineering since June 2002. In his role in the Electronics Shop, Eugen makes sure lab equipment is in good working order, he repairs lab equipment and designs/manufactures new lab equipment for all of Engineering. He is the Lead Technical Specialist for the Mechatronics System Engineering course and founder of two robotics clubs at Western.

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Chris VandelaarChris Vandelaar

Student Shop Manager (interim)/ Research and Undergraduate Project Manager, University Machine Services
Chris has worked in Western Engineering since 1998. He looks after student manufacturing shops and labs and teaches design and shop safety.

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photo placeholderRemington Wickman

Director (Finance), Engineering Finance & Stores
Remington has worked in Western Engineering since 1997. He is accountable for effective, mission-driven business strategies and operations within Western Engineering. He provides financial guidance and continuous support to the Dean, Department and Research Chairs, Research Centres and Unit Managers on strategy and on the operational implications of strategic and financial plans.

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