Lead TA in Engineering

2016-2017  Lead TA for Engineering: Tarek Rashwan

Email: trashwan@uwo.ca

Office: CMLP 1317

Office Hours: September 2016 - April 2017: Thursdays from 12:30 PM - 1:30 PM (Please see the OWL site for office hours location, as it varies weekly)
Come by to chat over FREE coffee and snacks! 

What is the Lead TA program?

The Lead TA position is a relatively new, campus-wide initiative that focuses on identifying and addressing the professional development needs of TAs at a discipline-specific level. 

Lead TA Introduction

The role of the Lead TA is to: 

  • Identify TA training needs
  • Facilitate workshops
  • Develop discipline-specific teaching resources, and
  • Offer peer feedback through tutorial observations.

Previous Workshops

Useful Online Resources

Teaching Support Resources

Examination and Protoring

Examination and Proctoring Guidelines at Western - Administration of Examinations

Grad Path

GradPath is the result of a campus wide collaboration including the TSC, SGPS, the GradWrite program, Learning Skills Services, the Student Success Centre, Psychological Services, the International Exchange and Student Centre, Western Libraries and SOGS.

For more information, please visit the Grad Path Website.


MyGradSkills is a resource available to Western graduate students and postdoctoral fellows to enhance their professional skills so that they can succeed during their studies and research. It includes over 18 free self-paced, online modules on a range of topics including: teaching & learning, career development, community engagement, entrepreneurship and more! To access modules, you must register with your western e-mail.

For more information, please visit the MyGradSkills Website.

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2014-2015 Lead TA for Engineering: Naemeh Naghavi