Faculty of Engineering

Email Best Practices

Making the most of email

How would our University function without email? It has become a critical tool that allows us to communicate quickly, effectively and on our own schedule. At some times, it is the best way to share important information.

But email can have its disadvantages. The tone of a message may be misread by the recipient. The simplicity of sending an email also can entice some of us to avoid personal interaction, or copy (CC) a large group of people who may have no interest or involvement in receiving information.

The following tips may be helpful in using email most effectively.

Let’s talk!

In the 2012 We Speak Survey, members of the Western Engineering community said they want better and more respectful communications. Why not try skipping the email, walk down the hall and have a conversation with your colleague?

Give me that balance

The We Speak survey also said you want a better work/life balance. Sometimes email can cause stress.

When not to use email

Vacation email