Faculty of Engineering

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Entrepreneurial Spirit Award

Awarded annually to a full-time undergraduate student in the Faculty of Engineering who demonstrates passion, persistence, and achievement in developing an innovative or entrepreneurial idea through the use of engineering principles.  Online applications must be submitted through the undergraduate engineering services website by January 15th (please only use the engugrad@uwo.ca email to submit if the on-line process is not working!) Candidates must include an essay describing their idea and their plan for its continued development, including how the award money will be used to help advance this idea.  The essay should also provide some details which demonstrate the applicant’s passion, persistence and achievement in developing this idea or other prior entrepreneurial initiatives.  The recipient will be selected by the John M. Thompson Chair in Engineering Leadership & Innovation.   This award was established by Gary G. Mottershead (BESc.’75, MBA ‘77).

Please submit your resume and essay as one PDF document and use your name within the file name ie: " ESA_JohnSmith.pdf"

Value: 1 at $1,000

Effective:  2016-2017 academic year