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Dual Degrees

Dual Degree

Graduate with two degrees at the same time

In addition to our strong, design-based core engineering programs, Western Engineering also offers two types of dual degrees: Concurrent degrees and Combined Degrees. These degrees prepare students to cross traditional borders in their future careers, allowing them to graduate with two degrees in less time than it would take to complete each one independently.

Concurrent Degree

Some of the more popular concurrent degree programs combined with Engineering are major modules in the following areas:

Students who wish to complete a concurrent degree in an area not listed here may work with an Academic Counsellor to custom design a concurrent degree program.

Combined Degree

The combined degree program is similar to concurrent degree but is offered with one of Western's professional Faculties: Ivey Business School and Western Law. Combined degree programs with Western Engineering include:

Note: There is a separate application procedure for students in a combined degree program. Your Academic Counsellor will be able to provide you with information once enrolled in engineering.