Undergraduate Services

Student in ClassOur team of experienced academic counsellors, front-line office staff and Manager are always available to provide support and help in all academic matters. We are pleased to answer your questions related to the Western Experience; everything from student life and academic counselling, to any other services available on campus. Meet our team

PLEASE NOTE:  Appointments will need to be booked in advance to see an Academic Counsellor.

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Interested in transferring to Engineering - please email futurewe@uwo.ca



Also view the Engineering Events & Deadlines Calendar and the Western Calendar for other important notices/dates. 

September 8 Last day to apply for Graduation: Autumn Convocation
September 15 Last day to ADD a First-Term Half Course, First-Term Full Course, Full-Year Course AND Last day for Late Registration
October 9-13     Fall Study Break
October 26  Engineering Convocation 10:00am
November 12 Last day to DROP a First-Term Half Couse, First-Term Full Course (2017/18 Fall/Winter Term) without academic penalty
November 30   Last day to DROP a Full Course or a Full-Year Half Couse without academic penalty
December 8   Classes end
December 9   Study day
December 10-21 Mid-Year Examination Period
December 22 First Term Ends
Interested in transferring to Engineering?